HighPrep™ RNA Elite (5ml)

HighPrep™ RNA Elite (5ml)
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The HighPrep RNA Elite system utilizes MagBio’s solid-phase paramagnetic bead technology for high-throughput purifi cation of RNA or cDNA for in vitro applications such as transcription, antisense RNA (aRNA) amplifi cation as well as RNA and cDNA probe synthesis. This protocol enables recovery of micro RNA (miRNA), small RNA and total RNA from enzymatic reactions, concentrating miRNA and total RNA from a diluted sample. This protocol can be used for manual procedure as well as guideline for adapting the kit to automatic liquid handling instruments.


Volume Size 5 mL
Storage and Stability
Storage Store at 4°C | DO NOT FREEZE
Stability Stable for 12 months when stored at 4°C
Use Restriction For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.
Number of Reactions - 96 Well Format
10 µL Reaction Volume 55
14 µL Reaction Volume 40
Number of Reactions - 384 Well Format
5 µL Reaction Volume 556
7 µL PCR Reaction Volume 397

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