HighPrep™ DTR (5 mL)

HighPrep™ DTR (5 mL)
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HighPrep DTR is a high performance paramagnetic bead-based system, designed to remove unincorporated dye terminators from Sanger sequencing reaction. The HighPrep DTR system consists of a selective binding of DNA to the HighPrep DTR paramagnetic beads, followed with washing off nucleotides, primers and non-targeted amplicons, and finally elution of pure DNA. HighPrep DTR is designed for both manual and fully automated purification of sequencing products. The protocol can be adapted to your current liqiuid handling workstation (e.g. Beckman, Hamilton, Tecan, Perkin Elmer, Agilent and Eppendorf) utilizing your current protocol.

Features & Benefits

  • Long Phred20 read lengths averaging over 700 bps
  • Pass rates over 85% or higher
  • Increased average signal strength
  • Efficient clean up of sequencing reaction contaminants
  • Reduce BigDye usage

*BigDye is a registered trademark of Applied Biosystems


  • Clean up of sequencing product for
    both ABI and MegaBACE platforms

Comparitive Analysis of HighPrep™ DTR vs CleanSEQ®

 CleanSEQ is a registered trademark of Beckman Coulter.

HighPrep™ DTR -  Dye Terminator Removal Clean Up

HighPrep™ DTR -  MSDS


An economical and efficient method of post reaction cleanup of labeled dye terminator sequencing products
Rajesh R Kundapur, Vijay Nema

Knock-In of a 25-Kilobase Pair BAC-Derived Donor Molecule 9 by Traditional and CRISPR/Cas9-Stimulated Homologous Recombination
Tiffany Leidy-Davis , Kai Cheng, Leslie O. Goodwin, Judith L. Morgan, Wen Chun Juan, Xavier Roca, Sin-Tiong Ong , David E. Bergstrom
Nuclear introgression without mitochondrial introgression in two turtle species exhibiting sex-specific trophic differentiation
Sarah M. Mitchell,nLaura K. Muehlbauer, Steven Freedberg
A European epidemiological survey of Vibrio splendidus clade shows unexplored diversity and massive exchange of virulence factors.
Nasfi H, Travers MA, de Lorgeril J, Habib C, Sannie T, Sorieul L, Gerard J, Avarre JC, Haffner P, Tourbiez D, Renault T, Furones D, Roque A, Pruzzo C, Cheslett D, Gdoura R, Vallaeys T.
Volume Size 5 mL
Storage and Stability
Storage Store at 4°C | DO NOT FREEZE
Stability Stable for 14 months when stored at 4°C
Use Restriction For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.
Number of Reactions - 96 Well Format
5 µL Reaction Volume 500
10 µL Reaction Volume 500
15 µL Reaction Volume 500
20 µL Reaction Volume 500
Number of Reactions - 384 Well Format
5 µL Reaction Volume 1,000
10 µL Reaction Volume 1,000
15 µL Reaction Volume 1,000

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