Magcentrate™ (96 Preps)

Magcentrate™ (96 Preps)
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Magcentrate™ utilizes paramagnetic beads based procedure to concentrate DNA from various samples. Magcentrate™ concentrates the DNA as it efficiently removes all contaminants such as salts, proteins, enzymes, nucleotides, and primers. Magcentrate™ is suitable for concentrating DNA from samples especially from those with low concentration of DNA such microdissection, paraffin-embedded tissue, any low concentration DNA reactions (restriction enzyme digestions, PCR reactions, and minipreps)

Magcentrate™ is designed for both manual and fully automated purification of sequencing products. The protocol can be used for manual procedure as well as guideline for adapting it to major automatic liquid handling workstations currently on the market.

Storage and Stability
Storage Store at 4°C | DO NOT FREEZE
Stability Stable for 12 months when stored at 4°C
Number of Reactions - 96 Well Format
Preps 96 Preps

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