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HighPrep™ PCR Clean-up System

Magnetic beads based reagent for manual and automated post-PCR and post-enzymatic reaction clean-up, for NGS library clean-up and reliable amplicon size selection.

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HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Kit

Magnetic bead based kit optimized for extraction of RNA from a variety of viral samples - Swabs, whole blood, serum, plasma, saliva & other body fluids.

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MagQuant™ Plus DNA Kit

Magnetic beads based kit for normalization of DNA concentration, and quantitation of DNA for NGS and other applications

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HighPrep™ Total RNA Plus Kit

Magnetic bead-based kit designed to extract high-quality total RNA from mammalian tissues and cultured cells.

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Blood STASIS™-Omics Blood Collection Tubes

universal evacuated tube used for blood collection, storage, and ambient stabilization of DNAs, RNAs, proteins, and metabolites in blood samples

Grouped product items
Cat.# Product Name Price Qty
BS-OM3-200 Blood STASIS™-Omics 3mL (200)
BS-OM6-100 Blood STASIS™-Omics 6mL (100)
BS-OM10-100 Blood STASIS™-Omics 9mL (100)

Blood collection and stabilization of nucleic acids and proteins for:

  • Genomics and proteomics research
  • Gene expression studies and transcriptomics
  • Metabolomics


  • Detection of DNA, mRNA, proteins, and metabolites from a single blood sample
  • Room temperature blood stabilization for 7 days
  • Efficient and flexible sample processing
  • Prevents effect of time, storage conditions on sample integrity

The Blood STASIS™-Omics Tube is a universal, plastic, evacuated tube, used for blood collection, and ambient stabilization of DNAs, RNAs, proteins, and metabolites in blood samples for up to 7 days. A proprietary Blood STASIS™-Omics Blood Collection Tube contains a non-fixative additive that helps to keep blood samples non-coagulated and to maintain the integrity of all nucleic acids and proteins. Blood samples can be safely collected, stored and transported at ambient temperatures for a time of one week, while nucleic acids and proteins remain non-degraded for further analysis. Genomic DNA, circulating cell-free DNA, total RNA, mRNA, proteins, and metabolites can afterwards be analyzed in genomics or proteomics studies.

This is a short overview of the protocol, for detailed protocols, please refer to PRODUCT DOCUMENTS
Procedure for Specimen Collection
  • Blood STASIS™-Omics tube should be properly labeled and be at room temperature before use.
  • Collection of blood in the tube is done using the SOP for venipuncture technique used in customer’s laboratory.
Preventing back flow
  1. To guard against back flow, observe the precautions mentioned in our protocol.
  2. Fill Blood STASIS™-Omics tube to the indicated line on the tube.
  3. Invert the tube 8 to 10 times gently to allow efficient stabilization of specimen.
Kit Component
  • BS-OM3-200 Blood STASIS™-Omics 3 mL (200) includes 200 x 3 mL Blood STASIS - Omics Blood Collection Tubes.
  • BS-OM6-100 Blood STASIS™-Omics 6 mL (100) includes 100 x 6 mL Blood STASIS – Omics Blood Collection Tubes.
  • BS-OM10-100 Blood STASIS™-Omics 9 mL (100) includes 100 x 9 mL Blood STASIS – Omics Blood Collection Tubes.


15 - 25°C


14 months


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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