HighPrep™ Plant DNA Plus Kit

Magnetic beads based kit designed to extract high-quality genomic DNA from plants (leaves, roots, seeds).

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HPPP-D50 HighPrep™ Plant DNA Plus Kit (50 Preps)
HPPP-D100 HighPrep™ Plant DNA Plus Kit (100 Preps)
HPPP-D100x4 HighPrep™ Plant DNA Plus Kit (400 Preps)

Plant genomic DNA isolation for:

  • PCR, Real-time PCR
  • Cloning, genotyping
  • Sequencing
  • Plant breeding


  • Purified PCR grade DNA with no inhibiting substances (polysaccharides and phenols)
  • Includes beads to homogenize sample
  • Eliminate need of grinding
  • Adaptable to automation

The HighPrep™ Plant DNA Plus Kit is specially designed for purifying DNA from a wide range of plant and fungi species. The kit uses the special lysis condition with HighPrep™ magnetic particles technology to isolate the high-quality genomic DNA. Under DNA binding conditions only the genomic DNA will bind to the magnetic particles while most of the contaminating cellular proteinaceous components are removed. The purifi ed DNA is of the highest integrity, and can be used in a number of downstream applications including real time PCR, Southern blotting, SNP analysis and NGS etc. The HighPrep™ Plant DNA Plus Kit (Magnetic Bead System) can be easily adapted to automated magnetic bead separation instruments and work stations.

This is a short overview of the protocol, for all detailed protocols, please refer to PRODUCT DOCUMENTS
  1. Plant samples are disrupted in a homogenizer/bead based milling equipment.
  2. PLB Buffer is added to lyse the sample.
  3. Supernatant is then transferred to a new processing plate where MAG-D1 particles are added to bind to the DNA.
  4. Following a few wash steps, DNA is eluted from the MAG-D1 particles for downstream application.
Kit Components
  • PLB Buffer
  • PDB Buffer
  • PDW Buffer
  • DWB Buffer
  • Elution Buffer
  • MAG-D1 Particles
  • Pro K Solution
  • RNase A


MAG-D1 Particles should be stored at 2-8°C. All other components stored at 15-25°C.


14 months when kit components are stored as directed.


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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