Blood collection tubes for an ambient stabilization of nucleic acids and proteins 

MagBio Genomics is expanding its portfolio of tools for ambient stabilization and transportation of bio samples. Our new Blood STASIS™-Omics Blood Collection Tubes is the most advanced product in this range:

  • Easy blood collection, and ambient stabilization for up to 7 days
  • Preserved integrity of gDNA, cfDNA, mRNA, proteins, and metabolites in blood samples
  • Room temperature blood transportation

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The Blood STASIS™-Omics Tube is used for blood collection, and ambient stabilization of DNA, RNA, proteins, and metabolites in blood samples for up to 7 days. These evacuated tubes contain proprietary blood stabilization reagent (a non-fixative additive) preserving not only blood from coagulation, but also the integrity of the nucleic acids, proteins and metabolites in blood samples.

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Blood stabilization in Blood STASIS™-Omics Tubes enables both genomic research where gDNA, cfDNA or RNA is analyzed, and proteomics workflows, where the integrity and functionality of blood proteins and metabolites are crucial. Blood STASIS™-Omics tubes allow collection of 2.65 ml to 8 ml blood in a closed, evacuated system. Blood is collected using standard venipuncture technique. With direct-draw Blood STASIS™-Omics Tubes, human blood samples can be stored and transported at ambient temperature for a time of one week, while nucleic acids and proteins remain non-degraded and of highest quality for further extraction of nucleic acids, protein analysis or other genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, and cancer research applications.

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