Are you working on setting up a COVID-19 Research OR Testing facility?

  • Special bulk discounts for our HighPrep Viral DNA/RNA Kit
  • Pricing as low as $3.00 / Prep!
  • 3 – 5 Day Lead time for Orders Under 400,000 Preps
  • Highly Sensisitve & Reproducible Results

At MagBio we’ve recently optimized our HighPrep Viral DNA/RNA Kit for extraction of RNA from SARS-CoV-2 samples. Head over to our product page to check out more data as well as our protocol.

Current demands for RT-PCR testing of SARS-CoV-2 has led to a worldwide shortage of RNA extraction kits and MagBio is committed to ensure that all testing as well as research facilities do not face a shortage of extraction kits. To meet the high demands we have now increased our production capacity to 350,000 Preps / Week.

MagBio’s HighPrep Viral DNA/RNA Kit –

  • Optimized to extract RNA from Swabs, Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, Saliva and other body fluids.
  • Limit of  detection = 1 x 10^1 U/mL
  • Highly consistent at extracting RNA from sample volumes as low as 50μL to 500μL
  • Isolated RNA is high in quality and easy to amplify
  • Adaptable to all liquid handling workstations – KingFisher Scripts Ready!
  • Bulk Discounts Available!
  • Currently available in the 384 Prep and 5000 Prep Format

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MagBio Genomics Team, July 2020