Current molecular biology research relies largely on the purification and extraction of nucleic acids. Commonly used centrifuge- and column-based methods require specialized equipment, toxic reagents, lack scalability or can’t be used in a high-throughput manner.

Magnetic beads have provided an answer to these issues.

What is magnetic bead DNA purification?

Magnetic bead-based purification utilizes nano- or micro- paramagnetic beads to selectively bind DNA, which can be easily separated from the aqueous phase with a magnet. 

The most striking ability the beads possess is to achieve Solid-Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI). Simply put, they can reversibly bind nucleic acid under dehydrating conditions. Using a strong magnet, they can be safely immobilized later throughout wash and manipulation steps.

Magnetic bead protocols are scalable since they are independent of centrifugation and require inexpensive materials. They serve as the ideal medium for automation of high throughput processes. Magnetic beads can be used to purify various types of nucleic acids, including –

  • genomic DNA
  • plasmids
  • RNA
  • mitochondrial DNA
  • proteins
  • other biomolecules

For successful molecular biology applications, such as cloning, sequencing, and PCR, you need nucleic acids without any residual cell material and inhibitors. Isolation using magnetic beads allows you to do that.

MagBio Genomics offers a range of magnetic bead-based kits for extraction of highest purity nucleic acids from blood, tissue, plant material, insects, viruses, and bacteria. These kits can be used for both low throughput manual extraction as well as be adapted to your current liquid handling workstation for automated isolation of nucleic acids.

Types of available magnetic bead-based kits:

Kits for gDNA Extraction

  • HighPrep™ Blood & Tissue DNA Kit
  • HighPrep™ FFPE DNA Kit
  • HighPrep™ Insect DNA Kit
  • HighPrep™ Plant DNA Plus Kit
  • HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Kit

Kits for Plasmid DNA Extraction

HighPrep™ Plasmid DNA Plus Kit

Kits for cfDNA Extraction

  • cfKapture™ 21 Kit
  • cfKapture™ Kit

Kits for RNA Extraction

  • HighPrep Viral RNA Kit
  • HighPrep Viral RNA Kit – KF Format
  • HighPrep Viral/Bacterial DNA/RNA Kit
  • HighPrep Viral/Pathogen DNA/RNA Kit

Magnetic Stands, Racks & Plates

  • MyMag™ 96 Magnetic Plate
  • MagStrip Magnet Stand
  • Combo Magnetic Separation Rack
  • MyMag™ 96X Magnetic Plate