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HighPrep PCR

Magnetic bead-based reagent for manual and automated post-PCR and post-enzymatic reaction cleanup, NGS library cleanup, and reliable DNA size selection.

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HighPrep Viral DNA & RNA Kit

Magnetic bead based kit optimized for extraction of RNA from a variety of viral samples - Swabs, whole blood, serum, plasma, saliva & other body fluids.

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MagQuant Plus DNA Kit V2

Magnetic beads based kit for normalization of DNA concentration, and quantitation of DNA for NGS and other applications

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HighPrep Total RNA Plus Kit

Magnetic bead-based kit designed to extract high-quality total RNA from mammalian tissues and cultured cells.

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HighPrep RNA Elite

Magnetic beads based reagent for manual and automated clean-up or concentration of RNA (including miRNA, siRNA, aRNA) and single-stranded cDNA after enzymatic reactions or prior sequencing.

Grouped product items
Cat.# Product Name Price Qty
RC-90005 HighPrep RNA Elite (5ml)
RC-90050 HighPrep RNA Elite (50ml)
RC-90250 HighPrep RNA Elite (250ml)
RC-90500 HighPrep RNA Elite (500ml)
RC-90005E HighPrep RNA Elite - DX (5ml)
RC-90050E HighPrep RNA Elite - DX (50ml)
RC-90250E HighPrep RNA Elite - DX (250ml)
RC-90500E HighPrep RNA Elite - DX (500ml)

RNA and ss cDNA clean-up or concentration for or after:

  • cDNA synthesis
  • RT-PCR
  • Sequencing
  • In vitro transcription
  • RNA probe synthesis
  • miRNA and siRNA preparation


  • Rapid and reliable clean-up of ss cDNA and RNA, including miRNA, siRNA, and aRNA
  • Efficient purification of both large and small RNAs, and cDNA
  • Complete removal of salts, unincorporated primers, and nucleotides
  • No centrifugation step, no filtration step
  • Adaptable to your current liquid handling workstation

The HighPrep RNA Elite utilizes MagBio’s solid-phase paramagnetic bead-based technology for high-throughput purification of RNA or cDNA for in vitro applications such as transcription, antisense RNA (aRNA) amplification as well as for RNA and cDNA probe synthesis. This protocol enables recovery even of micro RNA (miRNA), small RNA and total RNA from enzymatic reactions, concentrating of miRNA and total RNA from a diluted sample. The HighPrep RNA Elite can be used for manual RNA clean-up as well as on automated liquid handling workstations.

  • HighPrep RNA Elite provides efficient RNA clean-up with the high recovery yield
Efficiency of RNA Cleanup using HighPrep RNA Elite

This is a short overview of the protocol, for all detailed protocols, please refer to PRODUCT DOCUMENTS
  1. Add HighPrep™ RNA Elite reagent to sample
  2. Bind RNA to paramagnetic beads
  3. Separation of beads from contaminants
  4. Wash beads with 70% ethanol to remove contaminants
  5. Elute purified RNA or cDNA from beads
Kit Components

  • HighPrep™ RNA Elite Clean-up reagent

Store at 4°C to 8°C | DO NOT FREEZE


14 months when stored as directed.


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Number of reactions
In 96 Well Format
PCR Reaction Volume Number of reactions
10 µL 55
14 µL 40
In 384 Well Format
PCR Reaction Volume Number of reactions
5 µL 556
7 µL 397

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