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HighPrep PCR

Magnetic bead-based reagent for manual and automated post-PCR and post-enzymatic reaction cleanup, NGS library cleanup, and reliable DNA size selection.

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HighPrep Viral DNA & RNA Kit

Magnetic bead based kit optimized for extraction of RNA from a variety of viral samples - Swabs, whole blood, serum, plasma, saliva & other body fluids.

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MagQuant Plus DNA Kit V2

Magnetic beads based kit for normalization of DNA concentration, and quantitation of DNA for NGS and other applications

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HighPrep Total RNA Plus Kit

Magnetic bead-based kit designed to extract high-quality total RNA from mammalian tissues and cultured cells.

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NAP™ 16
Compact & Fully Automated Magnetic Bead Based Extraction System

  • Compact Design – Takes only 8 x 10 Inches of bench space - As small as a shoe box!
  • Cost Effective & User Friendly
  • Seamless programming on an android tablet
  • Process up to 16 samples in as little as 10 minutes (Depending on reagent kit & complexity of script used)
  • Automated Scripts Ready – DNA/RNA Extraction, DNA Clean Up, DNA Normalization
  • Higher Yields and Reproducibility compared to manual extraction methods
  • Fully automate your mixing, bead transfer, washing and elution steps.
  • Fast & reliable sample processing

Comparative Data Extraction of DNA from whole blood using the HighPrep Blood & Tissue DNA Kit
16 (MagBio Genomics Inc.) Vs KingFisher Flex (Thermofisher Scientific)


Programming via Android™ App or PC Software

Creating a protocol is simple using the NAP™ 16 app or PC software, both are included on a USB flash drive with each instrument. Mixing speed, sample temperature, and magnetization parameters can be all be programmed. When using the NAP™ 16 app on an Android device, the saved protocols can be transferred to the instrument via Bluetooth connection or by using the included barcode scanner. The PC software can be used for programming and transferring by USB connection or barcode scanner. Free, lifetime App updates are available so users can access newly available features as they are introduced.

QR Code Scanning System

A handheld scanner is included with each NAP™ 16, adding a convenient and fast method for loading a protocol onto the instrument. After creating or opening a protocol on a companion Android device or a connected PC, an option is available for displaying a QR code. Simply scan the QR code to instantly transfer the protocol. QR codes are also available in kit instruction manuals for instant loading of optimized programs.

Protocol Optimization

MagBio Instruments has partnered with leading magnetic bead kit manufacturers to develop and optimize protocols for specific applications. To request scripts for specific kits, or for assistance in optimization, please contact the NAP™ 16 Technical Support Team at

Sample Temperature Control

Heating sample mixtures during the lysis and elution steps can significantly improve results. Heating strips on the sample platform can be precisely set to any temperature between ambient +5°C to 120°C. Both deep well plates and 6-well reagent vessels fit into the contoured heating strips for efficient heat transfer. Two cooling fans maintain ambient temperature inside the housing and temperature of the heating strips.

Connection Ports

The NAP™ 16 can store up to 100 protocol files in internal memory. These can be transferred between instruments or to a computer for storage or sharing. Simply insert the included flash drive to export the selected files. Internal protocol management can be done via the instrument touch screen, or by using the included mouse.

UV Sterilization

An ultraviolet sterilization lamp (UVC) inside the processing chamber provides effective elimination of most bacterial, viral and stray genomic DNA contaminants. This additional safeguard reduces the possibility of contamination and downstream amplification of unwanted targets.

Touch-Screen Control Panel

The control panel on top of the NAP™ 16 allows for quick selection of stored protocols and instrument control. To execute a protocol, select it from the file list, insert a prepared sample plate (or 6-well reagent vessel) and tip combs, and press the start button. Run parameters and operating status are displayed during sample processing.

NAP™ 16 Consumables

MagBio offers magnetic tip combs, deep well plates, and 6-well sample strips designed to fit the NAP™ 16. Produced using virgin polypropylene and packaged in a sterile environment, these consumables are guaranteed to be contaminant-free. The 8-place magnetic tip combs lock into position inside the instruments processing chamber. There are 2 options for sample vessels: 96 deep-well plates or 6-well sample strips. For processing up to 16 samples, deep well plates are used. When only 8 or fewer samples need to be processed, the 6-well sample strips are ideal, and these are loaded onto the included aluminum rack. These sample strips reduce waste and lower consumable costs when only a few samples need to be processed.

Capacity / Sample Volume 16 samples / 20µl to 1000µl Magnetic bead recovery rate >95%
Lysis temperature range RT to 120°C
Elution temperature range RT to 120°C
Display 4.3 inch color screen
Programming control Touch screen/mouse, or PC connection
Program memory 100 programs
Communication ports USB, Ethernet
Contamination Control UV Sterilization
Electrical Input Universal 120 to 240VAC
Dimensions 7.9×10.2×11.8 in (20x26x30 cm)
Cat No.Description
NAP-16 Nucleic Acid Purifier 16
NRS-KFDW96 96 Deep Well Plates (100 Pack)
MBNAP16-MC-50 8-Place Magnetic Tip Comb (50 Pack)
MBNAP16-8W-100 6-Well Reagent Vessel (100 Pack)

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