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HighPrep PCR

Magnetic bead-based reagent for manual and automated post-PCR and post-enzymatic reaction cleanup, NGS library cleanup, and reliable DNA size selection.

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HighPrep Viral DNA & RNA Kit

Magnetic bead based kit optimized for extraction of RNA from a variety of viral samples - Swabs, whole blood, serum, plasma, saliva & other body fluids.

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MagQuant Plus DNA Kit V2

Magnetic beads based kit for normalization of DNA concentration, and quantitation of DNA for NGS and other applications

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HighPrep Total RNA Plus Kit

Magnetic bead-based kit designed to extract high-quality total RNA from mammalian tissues and cultured cells.

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MagBio offers free samples of all kits & reagents for testing so that you can validate our products and ensure they suit your workflow before committing to any purchases.

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Latest News

. July 2, 2024

Comparison of HighPrep PCR PB and AMPure PB Performance in PacBio’s WGS HiFi Sequencing Technology

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. May 20, 2024

MagBio Launches the new Long-read sequencing extration kit

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. June 4, 2024

MagBio's new Long-read sequencing cleanup kit

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  1. July 26, 2022

    4 DNA Quantification Methods to Consider

    Your DNA prep is done and you’re for the next step in your experiment. But first, you need to check for the presence of DNA in your tube even if you can’t see it yet! There are many ways to do this and researchers select the method based on…
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  2. April 23, 2022

    Things to remember while working with Magnetic Beads

    Molecular biology research often involves purification, for example, removing short primers, enzymes, and salts from PCR reactions. Conventional purification methods like filtration and centrifugation were not as effective as separation using…
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  3. March 28, 2022

    Maximize the Efficiency of DNA Purification with Magnetic Beads

    Current molecular biology research relies largely on the purification and extraction of nucleic acids. Commonly used centrifuge- and column-based methods require specialized equipment, toxic reagents, lack scalability or can’t be used in a…
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  4. February 22, 2022

    What are Magnetic Beads and How Do They Work for Isolation of Biomolecules?

    Magnetic beads are made up of very small (20 to 30 nm) iron oxide particles, such as particles of magnetite (Fe3O4). This gives the beads superparamagnetic properties. Superparamagnetic beads display magnetic…
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  5. January 25, 2022

    4 Steps to Ensure Successful RNA Extraction

    Low extraction yield and degraded RNA has often frustratedeven the most experienced scientists.Obtaining high-quality RNA from sample types has vital to so many applications, from NGS (Next-generation sequencing), and PCR to cDNA…
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